USA - California. Judge Kathryn Montejano sentenced Eric Jimenez to death

20 November 2018 :

Tulare County Judge Kathryn Montejano sentenced Eric Jimenez, 34, Hispanic, to death for the multiple slayings and other crimes. Jimenez, a Norteno gang member, was previously found guilty of killing 2 people. A Tulare County jury returned a death penalty verdict on June 21 (see) for the March 28, 2012 1st-degree murder of 39-year-old Jorge Ayon. That day Jimenez and Matthew Campos, 29, robbed the victim of drugs and money. A month later, Jimenez was arrested by Porterville police after they found him with brass knuckles. While Jimenez was behind bars, Campos spoke to people about the murder. After these arrests, Jimenez feared he would be ratted out. While in jail, Jimenez conspired to kill 19-year-old Michael Avalos because he believed would implicate him in the homicide. Jimenez was charged with the 1st murder on Aug. 20, 2012, and was arraigned on the 2nd murder in October 2013. Campos was convicted of 2nd-degree murder on Nov. 9, 2017, and sentenced to 16 years-to-life in prison.


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