USA - Florida. Markas Fishburne sentenced to death

USA - Markas Fishburne

24 February 2024 :

February 16, 2024 - Florida. Markas Fishburne sentenced to death
In a 10-2 decision, a Duval County jury has determined Markas Fishburne should be sentenced to death for the First-Degree Murder and Kidnapping of 25-year-old Aisha Levy.
Fishburne pleaded guilty to the Dec. 20, 2019 murder of Levy.
A forensic investigation of Fishburne’s phone revealed a video taken of Levy with her hands bound before the murder. After Fishburne killed Levy, he hid her body in the closet and stole the firearm.
A Spencer Hearing has been tentatively scheduled for March 28.
While incarcerated awaiting trial in June 2022, Fishburne got into an altercation with another inmate and stabbed him using a handmade tool featuring a razorblade.
The inmate was severely injured, and Fishburne was convicted for Aggravated Battery in a Detention Facility.,20%2C%202019.


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