USA - Oklahoma. Bill Protecting Execution Drug Suppliers

USA - Oklahoma

08 April 2024 :

March 27, 2024 - Oklahoma. (SB 1702) Lawmakers Advance Bill Protecting Execution Drug Suppliers
The House Judiciary Committee advanced 6-1 Senate Bill 1702 on March 27, making it eligible to be heard on the House floor. The proposal specifies that the confidentiality of death penalty records should be broadly construed so as not to unintentionally reveal the identity of an individual or business involved in carrying out the death penalty.
State law already offers several exemptions for death penalty records.
The bill advanced on party lines, with Jason Lowe, D-Oklahoma City casting the only no vote.
As can be understood from the bill's acronym, it was presented to the Senate, where the Judiciary Committee approved it 8-2 on February 27, and the full Senate, on March 11, 38-8.,heard%20on%20the%20House%20floor.


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