USA - Pennsylvania. Orlando Maisonet has been freed after spending 28 years on death row.

20 May 2019 :

Orlando Maisonet, 60, Black, has been freed after spending 28 years on Pennsylvania's death row. Maisonet, who was awarded a new trial based upon evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was released for time served. Judge J. Scott O’Keefe imposed the sentence negotiated by Maisonet’s lawyer, Daniel Silverman, and Assistant District Attorney Paul George: 14 to 28 years in prison plus two years’ probation for the charges of third-degree murder, conspiracy, and possession of an instrument of crime, making Maisonet eligible to be released immediately. He’ll serve the probation in Puerto Rico, helping his 84-year-old mother rebuild her home from damage sustained in Hurricane Maria.


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