11 July 2018 :

Police kill 50 times more than the judges, and private citizens 45 times more. According to "Killed By Police" (, from the beginning of the year to June 30, the police in the US have already killed 617 people.
For each of the kills recorded, the site publishes the link to the press related to the fact. In about 50 cases the press reports do not indicate the victim's name, and some of the deaths seem to be caused by accidents, such as traffic accidents.
Almost all cases, however, concern people killed as a result of the voluntary use of firearms by one or more police officers. Another site,, reports 806 deaths. The higher figures of this site also depend on the fact that 108 cases of suicide are counted, usually of people who, surrounded by police or after taking hostages, often as a result of domestic quarrels, commit suicide. Not counting the suicides, the deaths fall to 698, 81 more than those recorded by Killed by Police. This site also provides a brief summary of the facts, and links to press reports. Of the 698 dead, 587 are referred to as "killed by firearms", 85 hit by a police vehicle, 17 dead were caused by the use of the Taser (electric gun). Divided by "race", the 698 fatalencounters deaths are: 240 of indefinite race (the "politically correct" press in the US often considers "discriminatory" to indicate the racial belonging of a person), 239 European-American/White, 127 African-American/Black, 74 Hispanic/Latino, 10 Native American/Alaskan, 7 Asian/Pacific Islander, 1 Middle Eastern. Divided by gender, the victims are 65 women and 633 men.
Age was reported of 659 victims. 8 victims were 12 years or less. 4 of these children were killed by a man who had taken them hostage after being surrounded by police. a 10-year-old was in a car with a man who had not stopped at a checkpoint, 3 children were killed by policemen not for reasons of service but for personal reasons.
Another 17 victims were under the age of 18. 9 victims were over 70, and 5 over 80 years. The average age of all 698 victims is 37 years. 87 kills occurred in California, 80 in Texas, 55 in Florida, 29 in Oklahoma, 19 in North Carolina, 16 in New York, 16 in Illinois, 1 in the District of Columbia (Washington). In US statistics, people killed by police are called "justified homicides". This definition also refers to cases of "legitimate defense". On average every 4 citizens legally killed by the police, 3 others are legally killed by private citizens. The sites mentioned do not take into account the victims of civilians, but believing the data published every year by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in the first 6 months of this year civilians should have "legally" killed about 490 people.
"Fatal Force", a project by the Washington Post, in the first six months of the year, has recorded 530 cases of people "shot dead by police officers on duty". In the same period of time, 12 executions were carried out in the USA. By averaging the statistics of Killed By Police and Fatal Encounters, compared to 12 murderers killed with all procedural guarantees, about 650 "criminals" or suspects were killed at the time of the arrest, and 490 even at the time of committing the crime. The subject is treated with a certain embarrassment by the liberal press, which prefers to let the numbers speak for themselves, but certainly the controversy gains weight on the very high economic costs of keeping up an expensive capital system, if in reality a " criminal "is 95 times more likely to be killed when committing a crime or being arrested than after a series of regular trials.
A 2015 study conducted jointly by the Washington Post and Bowling Green State University had calculated that in the last 10 years only 54 police officers had been formally charged with murder. Of the 54 policemen, 23 were then acquitted, 12 convicted, and in 19 cases the proceeding was still open. In cases of conviction, the average sentence was 4 years.


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