USA - Tennessee. Correction Officials Ask for Clemency for Nick Sutton.

18 January 2020 :

Correction Officials Ask for Clemency for Nick Sutton. Calling Tennessee death row inmate Nick Sutton “the most rehabilitated prisoner that I met…[in] 30 years,” asserting that his "‘execution would be a grave injustice,” and stating, “I owe my life to Nick Sutton,” (Affidavit of Correction Officer Tony Eden) at least seven current and former Tennessee correctional professionals support clemency. In addition to the correction officials’ advocacy for Mr. Sutton, members of the victim’s family have also expressed their wish for clemency. Rosemary Hall, eldest daughter of victim Carl Estep, has stated that her family hopes to see him get off of death row. Five members of the jury that sentenced Mr. Sutton to death and one alternate juror are now in favor of sparing his life. Mr. Sutton is currently scheduled to be executed on February 20, 2020.


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