USA - Tennessee. Ready to use electric chair for execution.

20 October 2018 :

Ready to use electric chair for execution. Gov. Bill Haslam says the state is prepared to execute death row inmate Edmund Zagorski using the electric chair. Haslam told reporters he is not reconsidering granting Zagorski clemency despite issuing a 10-day reprieve last week that delayed the inmate's execution. Among the reasons Haslam handed down a reprieve was Zagorski's request to die in the electric chair as a quicker and less painful execution method than lethal injection. Haslam says the state has been ready to use the electric chair since Oct. 11 - the day of Zagorski's original execution. No new execution date has been set, but court documents indicate he could be executed as early as Oct. 28. Zagorski, 63, White, was sentenced to death on March 27, 1984 for killing two men (John Dale Dotson and Jimmy Porter) he robbed during a drug deal on April 23, 1983.


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