USA - Texas. The state has denied compensation to Alfred Dewayne Brown

03 July 2019 :

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has denied compensation to Alfred Dewayne Brown who served 12 years on death row for a murder prosecutors and a judge have said he didn't commit. A judge had ruled Brown, at the request of Harris County prosecutors, innocent last month of the 2003 slaying of a Houston police officer. Brown had been convicted and condemned in 2005 for Officer Charles Clark death during a robbery of a check-cashing store. Officials had said Brown is entitled to almost $2 million under state law. However, the Houston Chronicle reports the state comptroller's office offers little insight to the reason for its denial of compensation. Brown's attorney, Neal Manne, says he'll ask the comptroller to reconsider. If nothing results, he can appeal to the Texas Supreme Court.


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