USA - Virginia. Virginia is not required to disclose information to Mississippi death-row prisoners

23 April 2019 :


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has ruled that Virginia is not required to disclose to Mississippi death-row prisoners information on how it obtained the drugs it used in recent executions. The prisoners sought the information in connection with a challenge to Mississippi's lethal-injection protocol in an effort to meet the requirement established by the U.S. Supreme Court that they prove that different drugs are available to Mississippi to carry out their execution. Amici Supporting Appellee were state of Nebraska; state of Alabama; state of Arkansas; state of Arizona; state of Florida; state of Georgia; state of Idaho; state of Indiana; state of Kansas; state of Louisiana; state of Missouri; state of Nevada; state of Oklahoma; state of South Carolina; state of South Dakota; state of Texas; state of Utah; state of Wyoming.


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